ProCAD Designs is a Design Engineering company utilizing the latest in
Pro/ENGINEER, Creo technology.  Our goal is to provide a first class service ranging
from consulting and design to concept and production. We specialize in all aspects of
Pro/ENGINEER –those of complex modeling, assembly management, surfacing,
castings and machining.

With your idea of a product, we can draft and detail it into a 3-d model using our design
applications.  In essence, we create the blueprint of your ideas and visions.

ProCAD Designs  is committed to quality and delivers on its commitment to provide
outstanding engineering services and cost-effective solutions.
We understand what it takes to remain cutting edge and succeed in today’s market. Our
clients have deadlines and products to deliver. We focus on understanding the technical
detail and time frames of the project in order to identify how best we can help you meet
your objectives. We are flexible, prompt and efficient and with over ten years of design
and development experience, ProCAD Designs is your partner to help maximize the
potential of your product. That is our edge.  
5719 Westminster Dr.
Suite B
Cedar Falls, IA  50613
Tel. 319-230-4627